A clear brand identity is key to a successful business.


Among the Hmong people in Asia 'koom' means 'join' or 'bringing together'. 
Life is all about bringing people and things together, and watching the magic happen.
Your business is no different. It needs a integration of quite a few actions, in order to become a strong brand.   


Most agencies have a designer, a marketeer, a creative director and an account manager. They all have their area of expertise, and to bring these to a harmonious whole, that requires a lot of time. Consulting a bunch of people with different areas of expertise is not only expensive, but it gets chaotic as well. At KOOM we work with designers who are educated marketeers and vice versa. 

A few questions our designers start asking themselves before they start (re)designing.

How should you use your visual language to speak to your audience?
Will they instantly 'get it' without too much thought?
Does your brand reflect the promise you are making? And what style is needed for your company?
Does your brand share the uniqueness of what you offer and why it's important?

If the answer is not clear you may want to return to the drawing board and refine your branding process. A brand should be an instant 'ah-ha', with little thought and contemplation.  


There are a lot of misconceptions out there about branding. Often people think that branding means marketing. While marketing is a set of promotional activities to communicate your message and identity, your brand is comprised of your design choices, personality, your tone of voice, and your message; branding is the process of establishing these traits.

Our goal is to bring clear vision on branding and help big and small businesses find their way in this ratrace for visibility



Delia Munteanu